• Check in:            15:00
  • Check out:          11:00
  • Cancellation policy
    No refund by cancellation within 48 hours of expected arrival
    Cancellations between 2 and 14 days prior to expected arrival will be refunded 50%Cancellations greater than 14 days will be fully refunded. AGB’s are in effect.
  • Baby beds/Highchairs:
    Are available at no additional cost.
    Please contact us in advance of your arrival to reserve baby beds to ensure that they are available for use.
  • Breakfast:
    Is included in the cost of the room and is available daily from 8:00-10:00.
  • Pets: 
    Special arrangements can be made for guests traveling with pets. Not all rooms are available for pets please contact us in advance to make arrangements should you wish to travel with your pet.
  • Hochschwarzwald-Card:
    Qualifies guests will receive their HSC upon arrival. Please be advised that the card must be returned to us upon check out. For more information please visit the
  • Internet:
    Is available free of charge to our guests.
  •  Visitor tax:
    The city requires us to collect a visitor tax for all guests not traveling for business purposes.The Tax is 2,70€ per person per day for adults (over age of 16) and 1,00€ per person per day for children between 6-15.
  • Lunch box:
    Upon request we can provide you with a packaged lunch, sandwiches, fruit, snack bar and drink for a cost of 6,50€ per packet. We kindly request you place your order with us the evening before.
  • Minibar:
    Some of our rooms are equipped with a minibar
  • Smoking policy:
    As a curtesy to other guests the hotel maintains a strict non-smoking policy within the hotel. This includes and prohibits the use of all electronic cigarettes and devices. Please use the designated outdoor areas for smoking. An additional cleaning fee will be charged for guests who smoke inside. 
  • Parking:
    The hotel has above ground parking onsite in addition to covered parking in the garage across the street from the hotel. Parking is free of charge to our guests.
  • Reception:
    The reception area is staffed until 15:00 daily. Someone is available by phone for emergencies 24/day. 
  • Payment:
    We accept cash, EC Card, Giro-Cards Visa and MC. Please be advised we cannot accept nor exchange foreign currency.
  •  Parking:
    The hotel has above ground parking onsite in addition to covered parking in the garage across the street from the hotel. Parking is free of charge to our guests. The parking garage is locked on evenings, weekends, and holidays. Guests choosing to use the covered parking option will be given a key with which to access the garage 24/7.
  • Restaurant:
    We make every effort to use regional products in our restaurant. We believe strongly in supporting regional farmers and their efforts to make quality products.
    Additionally, we are proud to offer our very own Hausbier. Beer created and perfected right here in the hotel. Ossos is a labor of love brewed in accordance with “Rainer’s recipe” and adheres to the Bavarian and German “Reinheitsgebot.
  • Opening hours are:
    Please note that due to the ever-changing Corona policies of state and regional governments these times are subject to change. We will make every effort to keep our guest informed of these changes.

    Wednesday-Saturday  17:00 - 23:00 Uhr
    Sundays                       17:00 - 21:00 Uhr